Sunday, February 19, 2006


I have the sniffles, the sniffles I have got
Recite ye not verse on snot.
Do instead what each Malaysian knows
And stuff them vitamin Cs up-up me nose.

Well, just when grammar thought it was safe to come out. Actually, grammar's a different gambit, it's pronunciation that got Cheny-ed (read: either 1. shot or 2. too dumb to tell the difference between a bird and a dude, either would function in this context) in Malaysian TV today.

Years ago, it was the pronunciation of "paradigm" as "para-dig-'em". (It was never revealed who Para was, and what he was doing exhuming). Today's TV pushed it one step further, in what I recall as approximating "But these people must not take this (land and a house) for granted and remember to pay their tithes."

The problem: it was pronounced as "tits".

Good gosh. At least when I sniff, I can assure people it's not bird flu, I'm just mourning the English language.

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