Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lai-oh, lai-oh!

How more Malaysian can one get...

This is taken from the super-supermarket Makro (akin to a Tesco), the setting of which is some indication why the highlighted area is interesting - it shows the loudspeaker where a pre-recorded and looped message is played, imitating an open-air market, going "Lai-oh, lai-oh, mandarin orange one-nine-nine, one-nine-nine, lai-oh, lai-oh!"

And in other news...

Lesser-known things about this meandering marsupial:

1. I don’t put any sugar in my Milo. Ever.
2. I almost always get a Mocha Frap at Starbucks, which is stacked to the max with sugar.
3. I put butter on my bread even if I’m putting peanut butter on it after that.
4. I don’t like chocolate chips.
5. Not my entire life begins with “I”, or revolves around food.
6. I’m occasionally a compulsive liar… when it deals with capitalized alphabets… and grub.
7. :P
8. Out of one’s 16-18 regular waking hours, my grandmother and I have in common only seven.
9. I learned early on that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that you actually enjoy it.
10. What I haven’t learned is how to continue enjoying something that I’m not that good at… in particular: snooker. Which, contrasted to pool is an entirely different kettle of fish.

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