Monday, January 30, 2006

It's All About the Colors

The Chinese New Year blog changes will hang around as long as the Mandrin oranges do... which means Chap Goh Mei on the 15th day when the remaining stock gets recycled via flinging them into the ocean. And apparently that comes with luck for the throw-er (or as I like to call it, si pembaling) in finding a match, which, hey, isn't a bad idea. Not to mention that the fishes get fresh orange juice. Ok, maybe not so fresh.

I'm not so irreverent about all traditions though, and it's been an interesting run-through of all the red in my wardrobe. It was really nice to meet up with my cousins, especially since I probably will be half way around the world this time next year. Wish I could meet up with them more often - or perhaps, that we were all a little closer. But it's just circumstances and not really people, and today was still good, and that counts, and it's always just one day at a time. I'm sure they had fun too, since they all beat the crap out of me in playing chor tai ti. And for something called Chinese New Year it's surprising that our favourite food target was Auntie Jo's spaghetti, but as Terry says, it's reclaiming what Marco Polo stole from China.

I managed to bridge one sort-of-family relationship that has been rather off for almost a decade. And that's barking good. And friends managed to re-aquaint me with something which is slowly turning into a real infatuation, and which I apparently have some skill/talent/whatever you want to call it... plus it's complete with the season's festive colors:

Woof woof!

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Mandy said...

We have an awsome place to play pool at the SAC (student activity center) Its actually our in btw class hang out thing to do...youll love it.