Monday, February 06, 2006

Comics Part 2: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Wow, this cartoon thing is really going places. Another two cents worth... plus some comic trivia.

1. If one can torch embassies - which is technically like actually invading another country - for a comic, it's like the boy who cried wolf... it's difficult to take one seriously when they talk about Palestine or Iraq, where there might be actual issues.

2. The record price for a comic book is USD $273,125 - it's for an edition of The Flash.

3. If you look carefully at the flag-burning picture in today's Star (sadly not on the online version though, so only for Malaysian readers), you'll find that the Reuters pic (which is sadly also not on their website) shows a flag that's been painted. Which means that the flags were created, then burned. I hear for American flags, because of the complexity of the stars, they actually sew them all night to burn them the next day. Really nothing better to do, huh?

4. In the based-on-a-true-story The People Vs Larry Flint, lawyer Isaacman used a historical comic/cartoon of a mule carrying Lincoln to town with the caption "leading an ass to Washington" to indicate the difference between law and taste.

5. In Iraq, people have burned Danish products. Which means that they had to buy them first. Or steal them... either way, from what are likely Iraqi and not Danish stores.

6. I read comics here.

7. There's only one part of the world where they can afford to burn so much petrol.


LostSt said...

Dude, you know anyone who >still< collects comics? - I've been looking for buyers since 1999. I have like a box full. And am not willing to take it out of there unless someone's buying it..

AF said...

The best bet would be a store in 1 Stop... the second hand bookstore that also loans out books. That's all I know about it.