Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not for Vegetarians

So today's a public holiday - it's known by three names, Hari Raya Haji/Korban/Aidiladha. Basically if you go certain places you'll find a lot of blood all over the place, because cows - and apparently sheep - get slaughtered in public. On one hand, it's interesting to note that it's the only major religion nowadays which still involves some kind of animal sacrifice; on the other, I'm aware that the meat is supposed to go to poor people.

It's given me some food for thought - no pun intended. Seriously, if you were to do the same to a cat, the SPCA would come and whack you. Even if you were to make cat burgers later. We are rather "speciesist", as James Finn Garner would say. What makes a cow's life less important than that of a cat? One argument would be that it feeds more people, but I think it's really just that cats are cuter than cows. It comes down to the basic idea that though they shouldn't, looks count. That, and purring.

In other news, I've just finished Phase 2 of Cleaning My Room aka Mission: Throw Out Your Junk. And in the process, came across an old VCD of South Park... I tell ya, what's funnier than the show, is the Malay translations:

Hyuk hyuk.


bess said...

possible to help non-malay-speakers to decipher?

AF said...

Afraid you'll have to watch South Park the Movie, where Cartman lets his mouth loose against Mr Garyson. :P