Saturday, December 10, 2005

You Animal You

I've noted with interest that the March from the Nutcracker is strangely similar to the "Skinama-rink-kidink-kidoo" song from the Elephant Show... cool stuff, and certainly loads classier than a certain purple dinosaur.

To be honest, I'm not sure this is the same show that I was just talking about. It's been like two decades since I last saw it, but it does jingle a little bell in the back of my very spacious violist's head, and after all, how many people name their program the Elephant Show anyhow?

Supper with a soon-to-be lawyer friend revealed interesting info: Malaysia has a by-law that stipulates that in certain areas, there are speed limits to cows. Apparently this is to prevent cow racing. No joke.

1 comment:

eg9 said...

Considering that Water-buffalo racing is a big betting sport in certain ASEAN countries, is the concept of it really all that strange?

Enforcement-wise, I suppose that would be an interesting kettle of fish.