Sunday, December 18, 2005

Local is everything

It's been a hectic time, with the second of two concerts over here in Bangkok, including my first principaling with the Bangkok Opera/Siam Philharmonic. Certainly the more interesting of exeperiences with the conductor talking about the role of the solo soprano and the orchestra: "She is like sex, and the orchestra is the bed, and we have to move to whatever position she wants to move to." Ooooooookie dokie. :O

There was a moment when I realized that a musicians hands aren't the most important thing... when I started bleeding internally in my left ear. Considering that that was how my late grandfather lost most of his hearing, it was a trip to the hospital where the doctor used some sort of mini vacuum cleaner to suck out all the blood. An odd sensation to say the least, because of the cooling effect of the wind speed - to have ones hearing tract cooler than the rest of ones head... interesting. This is the part when you joke about the violist's brain being one big vaccuum anyway. Then the doc proceeded to check that both sides were hearing equally well, and took out this monster of a tuning fork. I mean, you could have hunted small wild boars with that thing. He tapped it and then asked "You hear this?", to which I answered typically, "Yes, A - 440."

Anyway, now it's all ok, it seems. In other news...

Those who aren't Thai would probably wonder where they put Minor Parking. That's why local is everything,, and why it's always interesting when people name places like Popular Bookstore... and Major Cineplex.

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