Wednesday, November 02, 2005


My dear friends,

This will come as a surprise to most of you - I didn't want to mention my application to Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) in the United States, because of all the disappointments I have had recently. I can now say that I've been worn out because of the massive amount of practice I've been putting in over the past 4-6 weeks, in order to ready for an audition to the University. I sent in only this one application so far.

I can now also say that I've been awarded a full scholarship for graduate studies at the university. There is the possibility of starting as soon as January, but it looks like Fall 2006 would be more likely and certain for the scholarship. I will absolutely be taking up this opportunity and will be in the US sometime next year.

My plans in the meantime are to return to Malaysia and be productive between now and then. Contacting Eric Lee has put forth the possibility of freelancing with the National Symphony Orchestra in KL, and I'm considering some work in Penang as well.

When I leave, I may not return for up to two years, and hope to see everyone before I go. For those already in the States, like Teng Jian, and those who may be coming over there soon, I hope to find some way to meet up with you guys over there.

I would like to put forth a big THANK YOU to Saori and Jasha Shimano for their immense help in getting my audition DVD done, Assoc. Prof. Col. Choochart Pitaksakorn for his encourangement and tutoring and making me believe that the Weber was a possibility in such a short period of time, and Amanda, who is currently at IUSB and who helped in getting communications across as well as her great encouragement and advice.

I'm very happy, but it hasn't all sunk in yet - I think a couple of beers will do nicely right now.


~short stuff~ said...


Your dream come true! :D :D

boy oh boy, two years?? darn, we'l have to hang out a lot between now and then kayz! :)

eg9 said...

You go boy! I'd say congrats on the amazing news, except that it isn't really amazing... considering the amount of effort and hard work you put in, plus of course your totally unfair advantage in terms of of natural born talent and brains *ahem* ... er...for a violist, at any rate....


You definately deserve it. *HUGS!!*