Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wah lau, komputer lab buka

It's fortunate that the computer lab is open at the university where my fingres aer runniing adeptli acros the keyboadr jsut as theuy do on my viola.

The SAYOWE project is turning out quite different than was expected - mostly in good ways, though. It feels more Southeast Asian than before somehow (even the satellite TV channels in the hotel are neatly stolen from Malaysian ASTRO TV). The Phillippines win hands down on party people this year, they really are a load of fun to talk to - and quite a large delegation from them too. I was surprised (and perhaps, a little humbled) that I didn't meet some of them who have been here all three years of this project. It's easier in some ways to teach this year, considering I've played the symphony twice before, and challenging in other ways.

It's really inspirational as well to see a first violinist who has been studying the instrument for only two years - and of that, only half a year with a teacher (his comment was "gila, kan?"). A testament to the power of hard work, a reminder for me if I ever think about complaining, and also a sign of how there needs to be more opportunities and how the chance to do music should be somehow more available, more democratic even, from a socio-economic point of view.

'Twas raining last night when hunger pangs forced a couple of us out in search of edibles. As we opened our umbrellas, I remarked to the delegation head of the Phillipines, "Hey, lightning is supposed to strike the tallest object - not the dumbest object, right? See, I'm a little worried, coz I'm a violist."

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bratsche said...

Hey, enjoy yah. I am, during this period, getting through 2 gigs (both paid, yey) and 1 major dinner for VVIPs (thankfully over). Would have liked to be back in Thailand playing music otherwise...