Friday, September 30, 2005

Sneaking in one more post...

During another bak kut teh party, my friends were shocked to see that the actual usable space in my freezer was less than half of what it should be. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but since I didn't, you'll have to take my word that it looked like a freaking igloo. I didn't realize that my friend had popped the defrost switch and 24 hours later I found that my frozen blueberries were going nuclear, during which I was inspired to do my impersonation of the witch from The Wizard of Oz: I'm melting! I'm meeeeeeelting!

The Wicked Witch, once again. Like her, I don't like dogs.

I then found that the stuff that was chipping away from my freezer had a consistency close to that of snow - what I can remember of snow at any rate. This was far from the powder snow flavor, no, this was closer to sludge minus the guck, but still, enough to have fun packing and laughing hyterically while having target practice on my bathroom wall.

Man, I need help.

And some new blueberries.

:P Off to Sayowe. Be back in a week or so.

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Anonymous said...

the 'i'm meltttinnnggg' part some how reminds me of Monica in her fatsuit (Friends). LOL... weird...

can't wait to see you in bout a week's time. Loads to catch up. No more recordings pls. My fingers are stiff. :) Gotta hang out more than once this time.. OK? :P