Thursday, October 20, 2005


Having some things to do with academic transcripts, I went to University Science Malaysia, an institution which, among other things, lacks a necessary preposition in the official English version of its name. At the registrar’s office, while waiting for things to be processed, I noted two interesting things, which I quietly photographed (for the left pic, look closely at its contents):

For the benefit of non-Malaysians, “Q” stands for the “Quality” campaign in government departments, and “cadangan” indicates that this is a suggestion box.

I’ve finally put together all the Sayowe 2005 pictures and blogged them HERE – but I’ve been uncharacteristically considerate in predating it to Oct 10 so that those who are either non-associated or have dial-up don’t have to suffer. A violist who chooses to avoid piling suffering on others. Sigh, what has this world come to.


eg9 said...

If I'm not mistaken someone made a mistake.

It's supposed to be
Universiti Sains Malaysia

or Science University, Malaysia....

AF said...

Well, the someone isn't mua: the BM version is "Universiti Sains Malaysia" and the official English version is "University Science Malaysia" - really! I've tended to write "University of Science, Malaysia" (thus using the missing preposition) but then it clashes with the official English-language correspondence from the uni.