Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Meet the Cat

"Black and White": photo courtesy of the Shimanos

Today I met up with an old feline friend, Yahi, resident cool cat of the Shimano household, who rubbed against my leg during a rehearsal of the Weber, which I hope was a sign of approval.

In other news, calling up IDP and asking about the music auditions in KL ended up with the most intelligent comment being, "You know-lah, the music thing. You want to make an appointment or what?" Will try again, but if nothing with a registerable IQ level is forthcoming, and since the direct website seems to be limited in scholarship opportunities, methinks not to head south this time.

Another interesting link, it's in German to start off with but one can figure it out fairly easily. Drag and drop and you get to hear a little tune in various different languages, quite interesting. Will try and send the fellow a Malay version if time permits.


Anonymous said...
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AF said...

Have taken up Teng Jian's suggestion, and applied word recognition to counter the increasing threats of the seperatists! I mean, advertisers, looks like I slipped into Force Mode for a moment there...

eg9 said...

CAT! ... I like. I want. Sigh.

BLACK cat. With Bow Tie.

Orchestral cat.

bess said...

hey, good idea, maybe i'll suggest NUSSO to get a white cat with black bow tie as our orchestral cat.