Friday, September 02, 2005


It was interesting coming to work to find two huge bags waiting for me, each containing a tightly packed box which in turn held eleven copies of Strings Magazine (connection available in the Links section). That's a total of 22 - twice the number expected, well, actually none were really expected considering that the Thai postal system is either quite the mess when it comes to Romanic lettering, or has somehow been allergic to me - or my address. Anyhow, it's great that it's arrived, and the extra copies can be used for a Sayowe project with the viola section. Also a pleasant surprise was that a little anecdote of mine was quoted:

Always nice to see one's name in print. :) My "weekend" of Wednesday-Thursday was productive and musical, with a run of the Weber (or at least a proper canter, eh) with my pianist friend, a second rehearsal of the second Mozart violin-viola duo, and another of the Beethoven Quartet No. 11. It was a little shocker to have a look at the expectations of an FTCL, and this morning's insomnia cut back some personal practice, but otherwise, I'm looking forward to next week's similar schedule - plus a Friday off.

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