Thursday, August 11, 2005

Raindrops are Falling on My Taxi

Four of the major kinds of clouds are cirrus, strata, nimbus, and cumulus. Five of the major kinds of rain are pleasant rain, less-than-pleasant rain, acid rain, pain-in-the-butt rain, and migraine. The last one, of course being a product of some of its other colleagues.

It was one of these variations that kept me away from watching the contemporary music concert at Chulalongkorn University, which is a pity, because I heard it was a good concert and it included a viola solo. Still, it was fun meeting Zhangyi and his five friends afterwards who incidentally constituted the entire composition student body at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory in Singapore – which somehow, managed to fit into a taxi, including the driver and one Malaysian violist. Interspersed among the shopping was some interesting discussion on the position of composition majors in comparison to performance majors, and on the music world in general.

Interestingly, a former poetry editor has bought up every ad space in Bangkok’s BTS – what some will know as monorail public transport system or LRT or MRT. He has used the space to promote something he calls a "relativity program", which is essentially a meeting of ideas of the author and the possible application of those ideas by readers. Some of the ideas are interesting, like limiting your lifetime to 80 years and making the first 40 years parallel to the last. Others are a little around the bend of the absurd or the "yeah right" but still, interesting to see ideas instead of ads, and it provided for my first walk up the whole length of a train.

P.S. Left pic is Zhangyi at The Violin Shop in Suanlum Night Bazaar

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