Monday, July 18, 2005

Snapshots of Memories

Ten years ago in the same Free School classroom it would have been white pants and white shoes (well with the shoes, it would depend on the time of the week – on a Friday it might have been closer to a showcase of the various shades of grey with a sophisticated splattering of rainy season mud). This pic is the reason why chances are that if you are/were a Free, your chairs all have bent backs.

This last trip was quick, with the usual insane schedule trying to catch up with so many people from different areas and varying shared aspects of personal history. After more than a year and half here in Thailand, some friendships seem to have drifted somewhat… which is sad. But at least it makes it easier for me not to hold on to Penang where my industry just doesn't have the options.

Of the stronger ties that remain, they mostly seem to connect with history in Penang Free School – old teachers and later colleagues, old schoolmates, and the rare once-upon-a-time student. I might be writing an article for the Old Frees section of the PFS Magazine, but I have no intention of writing an adjective-filled piece of fluff, but something which acknowledges that part of alumus's pride is constructive criticism. Which reduces the chance of it being printed to single-digit percentage points. I know before picking up the bat that chances are no one will pitch, but perhaps the challenge is walking up to the plate anyway.

I brought back my old yearbook: SPM Year, Class of 1996. Yup, it’s been a whole decade. And I found this report on an elocution contest which I participated in, which goes:
Among the better speakers was Andrew Filmer who talked about life, constipation and diarrhea (?). According to him, the trick to life is to find a comfortable spot between constipation and diarrhea. Don’t ask.
Dunno whether that was a compliment or a horse of a different color, but then I don’t recall much about that speech, which is probably a good thing. :P

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