Thursday, July 14, 2005

Second breakfast? Eat your heart out, Mr Hobbit

Being a 7:30am flight on Wednesday, I woke up at 3:30am, and from then ‘till the afternoon, I had no less than five breakfasts. One upon waking up, another at the airport, the third on the plane, the fourth upon touching down (my dad bought me breakfast) and a fifth when going out with a friend soon after.

A tip to all going out of Bangkok International Airport – check that you aren’t in a lane labelled “Test New System” (which, semantically, would have inspired more confidence as "New Test System") – it involves some sort of eye scanning device which they really don’t know how to use, thus, holding up everything.

It’s good to be back as always, though having forgotten to bring along a list of my phone numbers, I may miss out on calling a couple of people. (Sneexe, email me your number?). I'm taking it easy and not really packing the schedule, other than a stubborn insistence that I get my tosai – and apparently there are now various kinds of tosai too: tosai telur, tosai masala… yummy.

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