Thursday, July 14, 2005

Innovation Friday: What IF Violists Invented Commercial Products?

Well, products would probably be like:

The Deluxe Edition “No Strings Attached” Trap Door: specially built for use in elevators. Operated by your choice of button: a randomly rotating floor, or people too impatient with the "open" button.

The Second Deluxe Edition Trap Door: due to popularity, this one is built specifically for use in airplane toilets. Operated by the flush. (With the help of cabin depressurization soon after.)

“Who Needs a Metronome When You’ve Got a” Speed Bump: This carefully constructed speed bump is meant for areas where street lighting is lacking. The bump is sudden, and high, and instead of yellow stripes has a painted cat (other animals upon request) to ensure the driver learns to drive slowly in dark areas.

The Dental Demumbler: Finally have coherent conversations between dentist and patient! The Demumbler translates the mumbled comments and replies of one with drills, mirrors and whatnot in his/her mouth. (Buy now and get a complimentary copy of your favourite dental movie: Jaws.)

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