Sunday, July 03, 2005

Musical Windmills and Culinary Concoctions

Found that rather interesting from the website of the Brantford Symphony, (Remember, was trained a journalist – take anything you want so long as you accredit it :O ) Also interestingly, like the Bangkok Symphony, it is known as the BSO.

Also found this rather interesting, in a web-board response to whether a student should take Weich (light gauge), Mittel (medium) or Stark (heavy) strings, though I suspect it’s completely serious and only my rather peculiar sense of humor is suspect:

"When the students in our studio switched to the Evah Pirazzi strings,those who were petite and short with small hands, went with the lighter ones, the Weich. Those with medium hands went with the Mittel. No one had very large hands yet."

Back to cooking today: vegetable pasta and bacon bits in New England clam chowder. Next week it’ll be late light mamak stalls, coz my leave is approved and I should be back in Penang the 12th or 13th.

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