Tuesday, May 10, 2005


This is my harp, named Patience* (the French word, same meaning) – the original name is Troubador, and it was made in France by the harp company Camac. Harps lie between the luthier-based bowed stringed instruments, and the factory-contructed wind instruments, since it has both organic and mechanical elements. It’s a three octave lever/Celtic harp capable of up to three flats or four sharps. Beats me why I decided to pick my third instrument for a home-recording debut – well, actually it’s because people have been asking about how a small harp sounds, and also because it’s given me the nudge to practice a little. The links are on the sidebar: the first is a simple French piece, the second an Irish air and the third something Bruch used in the Scottish Fantasy. I’m a total amateur on both the instrument and in recording, but the heck.

*because the instrument arrived months late, and can you imagine 5-10 minutes of tuning every time you practice? Still, it's worth it.


Tai said...

I saw your "patience" once but I have never seen you playing it... Umm..may be if it possible..can you show me sometime?

AF said...

Sure, no problem... will probably bring it to MCGP sometime later, maybe for the String Festival or a concert.

eg9 said...

can't wait to hear the recording!