Friday, April 29, 2005

Prehistoric Venetian Mud Griping

The good news is that the two roads that lead to my place are being fixed up to prevent flooding. The bad news is that in the process of breaking up the road, it’s now even lower and more flood-prone than usual.

It began as your regular road. That is, if you’re used to crashing through the jungle trails in a 4 x 4 pickup, yeah sure, it’s just a regular road to you.

Then they brought in these big machines and bashed up the road. Then it looked like Fred Flintstone’s backyard, except you don’t see anyone going yabba dabba do, ‘k.

Then it rained. Ok, that was an understatement. It was like Zeus left the shower running. And then the logical result was that the roads ended up as Zeus’s bathtub. And if that’s the water he’s bathin’ in, Mrs Zeus oughta zap him with a thunderbolt.

It was like freakin’ Venice. Serious. It took two days for it to clear up. If it were the Dark Ages the invading barbarians couldn’t get through my moat. The Chinese would look at that and ask themselves why they decided to build a big wall instead.

When it dried up today it was like the arena for mud-wrestling.

Which isn’t that bad, considering. I just hope it doesn’t rain anytime soon. Coz there’s never a gondola when you need one.



~short stuff~ said...

I love it when you post up humorous posts like that.. :P makes my side ache.. :) aww, u know, prob Zeus was having a bad day with his Mrs. She prob caught him in a shower with another gal. :) I am bad with Greek myths.

~short stuff~ said...
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~short stuff~ said...



sorry, can't resist. The mud sounds bad, but try to look at the positive side. erm... Instead of looking at the roads, try looking at the skies while walking (hope you dont fall into a manhole though..) hehehe.. Or.. if it rains, try putting the umbrella down and pumping your fist at the sky while yelling "Oh,get a grip Zeus!" Guarantee your neighbours will vote to move you away to somewhere else (prob the Bangkok equivalent of Tanjung Rambutan)

i think i nid to sleep. I am talking nonsense. Wazzup...