Thursday, April 28, 2005

Innovation Friday: What IF Architectural Construction Concepts Were Applied to Salads?

OK, my sister really knows how to maximize her money, and thus getting the salads at family dinners at Pizza Hut is left entirely to her. Applications of architecture and construction are useful in making a salad easily able to feed four, and give Pizza Hut managers the look of, “Dang it, I hope the others don’t pick up on this.” Most of the credit goes to her, with just a touch of my own battery-operated brain power (triple A size, please do not dispose of in fire or coconut juice).

1. Cement. Apparently, the secret is gluing the whole thing together. The salad dressing is the obvious accomplice here, but potato salad and coleslaw also help.
2. Layers. For example, stuff like melon chunks go at the bottom, because they’d slip off the top.
3. Make the Bowl Bigger. Depending on the quality of the cabbage, or other leaf-like veggies, you can increase the base size of the bowl.
4. Onion Bowls. Make mini-bowls using onion rings, and stuff things inside them.
5. Piling. Celery sticks can help to form your salad, either in supporting bowl expansion, or setting up layers.

With much much thanks to Teng Jian for helping me with more efficient photo-blogging.


~short stuff~ said...

well, i have a friend who can do that too. My salad building usually collapses on arrival at the table. and it looks like a big fat mess. maybe i just do not have any artistic bones. and I cant count. that's why I am a percussionist.

eg9 said...

wait, i thought you were a pianist?

...said the soprano. ;)

AF said...

She's both... and her piano teacher is also a bassoonist. You know, just like I'm a violin-ventriloquist and publishing-pretender at the same time.

"Before we put this blog to task,
may I be so curious as to ask it's name?"

Heh heh.

eg9 said...

"Oi'll leave 'ere!"

Heh heh.