Thursday, April 14, 2005

Baht, Ringgit, and Pedestrian Crossings

It was nice to spend time with family today - with my sister in the morning handling passport matters, and with everyone at dinner. And of course, meeting up Mei Yoke, Shimano, and Sean again.

My sis and I of course strictly followed the Malaysian code and jay-walked no less than six times when the pedestrian walk was just a few steps away (Malaysia Boleh!). And after trying to change Thai baht into Malaysian ringgit in four banks, I met a really nice lady at Bumiputra-Commerce who, while not being able to handle the exchange, helped in understanding the spreadsheets of various exchange rates, inter-bank drafts and currency handling. The current exchange rate isn't that good for me, but the impromtu economics refresher was cool.

This is the first time I'm blogging from a cyber cafe, which is kinda cool since I met a couple of my former students. My time teaching at PFS still has fond memories, and some of the most fulfilling living I've done.

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