Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Beer Symphony

Curious, isn't it, that beer has such contradictory effects - raising one's heartbeat while making one sleepy? Can't say I recall anything else with those combined talents. It's very making is quite the something, a combination of your regular barley-o and fermentation. Those who research beer (and this is true) say that it is likely some famer's barley crop was ruined by rain due to some hole in the roof of his barn, and for whatever reason, he decided to try to drink the rainwater of the now fermented barley. Bingo, you have beer.

I imagine a contemporary music piece with beer as its theme would have the timpanist playing the upbeat heartbeat, while the rest of the orchestra is instructed to sleep - first violinists in would have to snore metalically, the lower brass would have to occasionally belch, and either the harp or the violas would play, depending on whether one has a dream or a nightmare when one konks off drunk.

A Beer Symphony on the other hand, would need larger planning, say, with Lyrics and Lines That Didn't Win Oscars Even If the Films and Actors Did:

The Beer Symphony

Movement 1: Allegro cheerissimo, ala yamseng.
"Sir, that is idiotic."
"Idiocy is our only option."
Cuba Gooding Jr and Gene Hackman in some movie about monkeys, whose title escapes me.

Movement 2: Con forza, ma nan tanto.
"Don't be stupid! If we smash him to smithereens we might lose some pieces and Jack would beat us black and green." The Nightmare Before Christmas

Movement 3: Langsam und zzz.
"I see dead people."
Haley Joel Osment, who is still below the legal drinking age.

Movement 4: Hangover
"Leaping lizards!"

Sounds (hic!) good to me.


~tengman.k.~ said...

i should send you mp3 of The Beer Song

eg9 said...

..and there's the Drunken Philosopher's Song... they played it at college... let me see...

Anonymous said...

i would love to hear the beer song, teng! :P wont mind playing the burping part.. hehe.. :P