Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Met a Four

Sometimes it's true that it's easy to find metaphors where none were meant to be. But at other times it's hard not to notice the juxtapositions that life puts in front of you. Like a Hong Kong sampan - right in the district of millionaire yachts:

It makes it sink in a little more when the tour guide tells you one of them (I think the one covered up) is used by the head of our Malaysian-based Public Bank:

But in the spirit of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, we should search for meaning in our own land, but at the risk of being cynical, I do have to wonder whether when out of the holiday season, we have to be careful that our Merdeka spirit - and the Malaysian unity behind it - isn't hidden in scaffolding as well.


Kelly Wantuch said...

Hi! Andrew, I changed my blog from psychoflowers to http://thelyricalwoodshed.blogspot.com/
I have really have enjoyed your photos you have been posting.

雪糕 said...
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