Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ending With A Flash

Well, not exactly, since when it comes to cameras I'm rather keen on natural lighting.

I've decided to finish this decade rather simply, with a bunch of assorted - or not sorted - photos. Much like life, sorted in some ways, but oftentimes not, and perhaps its best that way.

Nature is artwork, and I wish my photography better captured this.
I really like things which dangle and suspend themselves in midair.

Look carefully. There's a bug there disguised as a stick. A role model to violists everywhere.

Look closely - the sign says, "Modern Hotel". Every time I pass this I'm reminded that if something states something which should be taken as understood, something's fishy. Like "I'm a honest politician."

The view from my room, of the neighbour's massive renovations - apparently to rare dogs. Before this, the entire area now grey was a lawn, with one extra tree. Tan Dun or Steve Reich would have a field day with the sounds they make from nine-plus every morning.

Took this in Perak, where I found it ironic considering the political coup sending the National Justice Party back to "Square One". I've always favoured underdogs, especially in the case of Perak, but more than just sometimes these opposition folks have to prove they're worth rooting for.

I like many things about heritage buildings, like this obelisk-like pillar at Suffolk House.
It doesn't have any apparent use, which makes me like it all the better.

And inside, I feel like an oversized chesspiece. All it needs is a small bottle on the floor marked, "Drink Me."

Happy new year everyone. And may the flash be with you.

(Or not.)


Amanda said...

I stared and stared and couldn't find the bug... but
You are looking great! :)
Merry Christmas & Happy New YEar

Jing said...

the chess piece reminds me of wizards chess in HP :D