Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's All About Communication

It really is, when it comes down to it. Music is a clear extension of it... there's some quote from some musician that if he could express what music intends to express through words alone, he'd have stuck to words. But since words aren't enough - he's a musician.

These days there seems to be a new ad blitz on milk products that repeat the well-worn assertion that you should drink a particular product so your kids will grow up, "big and strong". I think it's time for a new paradigm, use the fear factor and all - say, drink this dammit, or your kids will be weak and stupid!

Someone pointed out to me recently that our road signs are too polite, especially when asking us to slow down. Singapore, apparently, gets to the point: "SLOW DOWN NOW!"

Whatever people imply from road signs, I do hope that they don't take too much from our government websites. I got the following under Soalan Lazim (Frequently Asked Questions) under the Immigration Department's website:

Q : Saya telah bergaduh dengan isteri saya dan beliau telah mengambil tindakan mengoyak PMA saya. Apakah tindakan yang perlu saya ambil untuk menggantikan pasport tersebut?

(Translation: I have fought with my wife, and she has taken the action of ripping up my Malaysian International Passport. What action should I take to replace my passport?)


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