Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I've been meaning to write a bit about finally making a choice as to where I'm headed next year, but I always seem either preoccupied or more likely braindead when I'm at the computer to actually get down to it. I think maybe that's why those games on Facebook are as addictive as they are - when you want to relax and not be intelligent in order to do it, there's something about scrubbing your mouse up and down to clean your pet in Pet Society. It's the whole Mr Miyagi going "wax on, wax off", I suspect.

The things you learn when you least expect it. I told a young kid today that the last time I had students his age was when I was working in Thailand, when I would often ask, "Kow cai, mai?" which meant "Understand, no?" and I sometimes accidentally slip into Thai even today. And this Malaysian kid said that I could go ahead and feel free to keep the lingo. Soon enough there was some technical issue, and I went, "Kow cai, mai?" and he replied, "Eh sai!"

In other news I've learned that in order to say, "OK", you can also go, "Zero killed". How about that.

I've also been wondering that if I were to work in Yemen, say conducting a youth orchestra, and I wanted to encourage them, would I be guilty of emboldening the Yemeni?

One of these days when I'm done zigzagging I'll post more about my plans for New Zealand. All I'll say for now is that I intend to find the most ethically admirable woolen animal I can find, and bring it to my friends, shouting, "Holy sheep!"

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