Sunday, February 15, 2009

Technical Setback

Thanks to everyone who are trying to vote for me in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra contest - for some reason the video isn't appearing on the main voting site. I've contacted the administrators, and with luck that will resolve the issue. The administrators acknowledged receipt of the signed official documentation following the shortlisting, so it's either a technical problem on YouTube or there might be something else in the documents that needs to be settled. This is, of course, a setback in the sense that the longer it takes for it to be out, the less number of votes I can get - but I hope that it all gets solved soon.

1 comment:

desmond-t said...

Enjoyed both your videos,bro!

Kudos and good luck in your further endeavours!

p/s: I'll be voting for you everyday for sure! Still waiting for the voting option to be set.