Thursday, January 29, 2009

Words, words, words

Oh, they matter, they do.

I was playing badminton today, and as always thought it rather odd that the word "love" is used for the guy who well, doesn't score. It gets a bit ironic when its, say, 17-love coz love is the last thing on that guy's mind.

Then there's "all". As in 17-17 is said to be "17-all". The thing is there are only two people on the court, which makes me wonder why it isn't "17-both".

Then there's your salad, with, what's that you say? "Thousand Island". (Though somehow when I think of how my old Jamaican roommate would say it, "Yo man, pass me some Thousand Island man", it doesn't really sound that wrong.)

There's this group on Facebook called "I judge you when you use poor grammar". Which in a strictly grammatical sense is fine, but semantics is another thing entirely. I always thought that grammar was either correct or incorrect, while "poor" suggests that grammar lies on a scale of quality.

Jebat posted something rather interesting on the history of the Titanic (and, while I'm on the subject, check this out), and I noted for the first time that the tagline of the Leo Dicaprio/Kate Winslet movie poster reads: "NOTHING ON EARTH COULD SEPARATE THEM".

Nothing on earth? As in, on land? Really? From soppy to ironic? Heh heh.

Oh, they matter, they do.

Words, words, words.

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Randomguru said...

Consider yourself quoted! :)