Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Chi Is Doomed But Zeus Will Save Me

The prediction is dire. According to the extensive coverage of astrology in The Star, people like yours truly who bear the astrological sign of Cancer in the soon-to-be Year of the Ox are in for a tough time. Challenges in every area, from finances to education to relationships.

Then I realized - wait a sec. The Western Zodiac corresponds to the Gregorian calendar, and the Chinese one, well there's a reason why we're celebrating it now. An East-Meets-West horoscope? Like fusion carbonara koay teow shooting to the sky?

For some, I see, it's really another year of Bull.

For the rest of us, have no fear! Your chi's days are marked but dancing in a lightning storm is the key. Happy New Year folks... Gong Hey Fatt Choi, and as a bonus, sun lin fai lok too!

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