Sunday, October 05, 2008


In recent weeks, I've been particularly thankful for the empathy of friends and the company of good, decent people. Some of whom probably don't realize (which makes it all the more special) that the brightness of life that exudes from the quality of their personalities and the beauty of their character helps me to recognize and reclaim my own place in this spinning marble. To see a bigger picture, the reality behind mirages, to remember to stand up for oneself as much as for others. There's still a ways to go, but it's healthy to be around people who not only have the maturity and strength to think of others before themselves - but chose to exercise that hard-earned capability.

In addition, the human laugh is particularly therapeutic.

Got this from Desmond's blog:

And this one from a fellow musician (click to enlarge):

Sent it to a former professor of mine... who promptly informed me that he's used it as a final exam for sight-singing. I'm have yet to check if he really meant sigh-singing instead.


David Chan said...

The score.... I think after playing the musician will be dead.... hence the name Death Waltz... Your professor - "cruel". LOL!!!

desmond-t said...

OMG I can't believe there's a worse/complex answer script in music as well... LMAO!

i bet your professor mean sigh seeing! Sure kantoi exam!

Amanda said...

That thing left me cross-eyed...

Wanster said...

u're kidding right when u said that that mess can be played/sung?

btw i commented at ur previous post by mistake. and you shall live to never know what i have written, ever. :D

AF said...

I'm sure it was a practical joke, knowing my prof. Though he'd probably have his serious face on - kind of unique form of humour he has.

Will now proceed to have a seance and through the plumes of African incense try to search the fabric of the past to determine what you wrote.