Monday, July 07, 2008

Numbers, numbers...

107 over 66, apparently. Again.

I used to use my low blood pressure to explain why I arrived late for class. As a Malaysian, of course, that was hardly necessary - chronic lateness and a penchant for Maggi mee are practically cultural fixtures, if not hereditary traits. It took some getting used to being more spot on time abroad - or trying to anyway - and returning to Malaysian Time after two years in America has a rather curious mix: I'm still late, but I actually feel guilty about it. Haiyo.

Also, I've been curious how it would be if I put the electronic blood pressure meter thing over my neck. I'm thinking t'would be a good plot element. Murder-mystery, that sort of thing. Haiyo haiyo.


Jing said...

I miss your "haiyo"s!! :D What a weird thing to miss right? :) Say it again.. haiyo!! :P

AF said...

Miss my "haiyo" ah. Haiyo, where can.

How about my "wah lau"? Or my "no joke"?

Heh heh. Haiyo.