Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just Like Riding a Bicycle

I'll bet that I'm not the only musician who looks at this and thinks of playing by a metronome.

Being back home this time is a little different. For one, after an early burst of energy, I'm in a state of lethargy - not just a laziness, but some kind of tiredness that's either coming from the heat, quitting smoking or just not having a mountain of things to do.

They say that picking up on some things are like riding a bicycle - and that's true to some extent: particularly in my little tradition of coming back home and playing all my old computer games again. Things are moving along though - especially since I meet kids who are younger than my computer games. Have to say though: getting back to blogging regularly is taking a little longer.

In some cases, it's not as much riding a bicycle than avoiding a motorcycle. In a literal case, that is. I wonder what it is about crossing roads. The last I remember, there's only one area in Penang which has button-activated pedestrian crossings... and the area is one which tourists tend to frequent. I've been used to pressing these buttons on a daily basis in the States, but even if every street corner here in Penang had one, I don't know if I'd do the same. There's something about jay walking which has become distinctly Malaysian. Pressing a button would almost be like getting a napkin with the chopsticks that came with your char koay teow. Your mouth would be cleaner for it - but would the food taste the same?


~tengman.k.~ said...

Yep, definitely looked at asimo and thought "walking metronome".

stev said...

heard that the robot screwed up a little as it couldn't detect some of the nuances/tempo changes that a human would?

mmm. well buttons are more commonly found nowadays in penang. still, would press the button if really need be... unless the button is spoilt anyway so it's back to j-walking ;)

oh and don't forget about zebra crossings being merely speed bumps for cars around here. hehe.