Friday, November 09, 2007

We All Need Be A Little More Cat

Image source:
Meowed by Andrew Filmer

All we need be

A little more cat.
A little less flea
And all is down pat.

Smooth, sly, swooshy, demure
Cats have it all in one simple purr.
It be, as simple as that.
All who have fur
Must indeed concur
We all need to be
A little more cat.

We're not rats. Oh puh-leeze.
Who so often scream, "who moved my cheese?!"
Nope. We're not brittle or bitter.
Except perhaps if, well... someone poops in our litter.
Then, hell.
That's litter with a capital L.

But while others lick their wounds,
That us having a bath, ta-da!
How's that for multi-tasking?
We prowl, we stretch,
And yes, we might have just an ounce of diva
Thanks for asking.

So if your rat-race world is dog-eat-dog
We would suggest a different cuisine
We're lean, we're mean, and we're spotlessly clean
And its fish when we're downright agog.

Thus, a little less flea, yes?
All is down pat, is best.
With all in mind,
Settled and signed,
With not a regret
All we need be

Is a little more cat.

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