Sunday, October 14, 2007

Plain Sight

There's something about an attraction to the epic, to most life philosophies and heroic idealism as a whole that detaches us from celebrating the plainness of our humanity. And in doing so we sometimes sacrifice the most important parts of life in the process. In my own life, it's ended in coming home and realizing that I've done more to transform and maintain the library I work in than sustaining that kind of quality in the place I come home to. Sometimes you've got to take time off impressing everyone else and just take care of oneself. Thankfully my long term goals seem to be on the right track.

Here's where I want to end up in one year's time:

Yes, the music school seems good, and there's a certain window of opportunity for scholarships which could balance out with the cost and currency conversion of health insurance in American scholarships.

But aside from that, there's family nearby, friends from high school and orchestra, and even old primary school mates who recently have gotten in touch with me (that said, one in particular didn't quite respond to my message, though I must admit that since it read "Hey, you stabbed me with a pencil twenty years ago, it was 2B and the lead's still in the left arm" I suppose it would have given just about anyone some misgivings). To add to the list, a luthier I know personally, and people whose biggest obsession seems to a fascinating hybrid of rugby and American football. And I'm not even ashamed to admit that while I should be touting the benefits of their doctoral programme and student union, what comes nearer to mind it's awfully tempting to have the best pasta I've ever had in my life ten minutes away.

Lemon, lime, and bitters. A great aid to great pasta digestion.

Indeed, I think it'd nice place for this marsupial to meander. I'm listening unapologetically to Yanni, am going to read Harry Potter and let this post be uploaded without a hint of the ideal, the epic, or heroic. Because sometimes the best thing in plain sight is what's simply plain.

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