Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Ode to That Bright Thing in the Night Sky

I hear a friend is having a poetry session with the moon as its theme which I will be, alas, unable to join as I will be on the other side of the planet. As such, I've decided to place a little contribution blog-wise. Photo credit: National Optical Astronomy Observatory/Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy/National Science Foundation. With thanks for suggestions by Sneexe.

The queen of cheese fears not the fire-faced goon
That parades as a Greek god in daily togas
No masquarade is needed for those with dairy yogas
When the cow flies exclusively over the moon.

Full, thou inspire tales of the furry who howl,
Till a munition gets a silvery bonus.
As a crescent thou endow a religion
Though as a verb you can rather be an onus.

Film and stage does the moon’s romance maintain,
Thou make man’s small steps and rocks special again
And though the sun commands the first of each week,
12 moon-ths that blanket the year are perhaps a tad more sleek.

Though your skill to beguile steadfastly stays
Your gentle example is stark:
As the Chinese make
the moon cake
You reflect the best in others from miles away
And bring out light in the dark.


sneexe said...

Thank you!

Let me but chew over the cud a little, in properly bovine fashion. To give it its due chews, so to speak.

Incidentally, "12 bulan that carpet the month"

where month = moon-th originally...

AF said...

Hmm, supposed to be cover the year... will correct that. And thanks for the moonformation.

stev said...

interesting how your lyrical words spill over from the ancient greek to mooncakes :D

enjoyed it tho (and that's kind rare from a non-poetry appreciating person like me ;)