Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Midnight Run

Though I was already drifting in and out of consciousness during this 8-hour plus layover in Changi Airport, the 3am check of passports by police with army backup served as a an appropriate time to get up and wander around. As if to confirm this, the airport speakers decided to play a harp rendition of La Bamba, which somehow sounded a little undignified.

During the takeoff of the first of four flights to get me eventually back to Indiana, reading about the China Airlines planes that blew up, and childhood thoughts of astronauts had an interesting mix. I really wondered what it would be like if the laws of nature were such that every takeoff and landing were like those of the space shuttles, with fire all around. Window seats would be more pricey, I'm guessing.

Another couple hours before deciding on that most important question...

"Chicken or fish?"


sneexe said...

...hey, where'd the tagboard go?

..have a couple of Brunei coins for you incidentally.

stev said...


(safer i think, no? ;)

it's always good to keep our err... imagination all fired up