Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Return from Oz

I'm still kind of recovering from the travel to Australia, which was interesting, but unfortunately did not include as much free wireless as I hoped, thus explaining my little haitus from blogging. For now I've uploaded some of my pics to my
Flickr, and will blog some thoughts gathered during the trip.

People are oftentimes translucent, and sometimes that’s a literal thing. When you were a little kid, did you, like me, find it facinating to place a strong torchlight to your hand and somewhat see the bones underneath? If you didn’t, don’t bother trying now. Age has a tendency to build up finger fat, among other things. Good for viola playing, but not much else, like, say in the arena of carpal spectralization.

When I was on the plane, I came across this rather interesting selection of comedy audio files by Victor Borgin of some decades past. Amusing, but the position of the microphone and presumably the recording technology of the time made the applause rather deafening, to which I hd to move the headphones. Being the lazy ass that I sometimes can be, I decided that all I had to do was push the headphones up, like a bandana, perm machine, or Rayban sunglasses. Then, having my neat little flashback of childhood translucency, I thought, heck, if I push them down instead, as in with the headphones over my cheeks, would applause then come out of my mouth? It was an interesting idea, the only setback being I could not hear out of my nostrils and thus could not confirm my hypothesis without waking up people who likely were only willing to be woken up by the question of “Chicken or beef?” and not “Hey, mate, could you tell me if applause is coming out of my mouth?”

People are kind of transparent… or opaque, that way. I’m not really sure which.

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Amanda said...

I think I became opaque with all the sun here in BKK. what about you? ;)