Thursday, May 24, 2007

Innovation Friday: It's a Sign, I Tell You

I've missed my good ol' Innovation Fridays. For those who are seeing them for the first time, especially when imported via Facebook, you can have a look at other Innovation Fridays from the main blog, by clicking on the label in the side bar. OK, that's enough advertising, here we go!

Took this one while in a car in South Bend.

Pedestrian Crossing becomes "Ped Xing". Methinks if the philosophy is taking shortcuts, then why bother to cross at specified areas to begin with? Also, I'd really like to see peds go xing, it's so yin and yang meets anime.

this one while in Chicago - this is the south end of Michigan Avenue.

And I'm goin', yes, I see, but does it turn off too?

final one is from a coffee shop here in Malaysia.

Wah, here-ah, gram-mah taste better without the ass, hor?

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