Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good Musical Sense

Went to packed Irish bar called Fiddler's Hearth with Amanda and Andres (muchos gracias!), where there was a rather delightful modern Celtic band performing, not to mention ala-Riverdance dancers. My default and ironic position is that of apprehension of going anywhere in my rare downtime where there's music playing... but this was a really nice surprise. I even ended up purchasing a CD of their playing on my way out (at a student price too, plus one of the band members may attend my graduate recital).

I particularly enjoyed some of the commentary, and I include one here:

A senior member of the band recalled how the young Nolan Ladewski, playing tin whistle/pennywhistle had first joined the band at the age of 9, when he knew just four songs. As his uncle, the senior musician had decided to pick which two songs Nolan would perform... but the young lad said, "No, I don't want to play that one."

At this point one of the other band members chimed in, "And he's still doing it, ten years later!"

Said the older musician of his nephew, "Early on, he showed good musical sense: he knew what he wanted to play, and how he wanted to play it."

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