Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eat Out Thy Heart, Cellists

Searching for a cute little poem that I read once upon a time, I came across this rather delicious-lookin' article (honestly, I haven't had time to read it through) on the viola by David Dalton. Can't believe I didn't come across it online earlier, and can't remember whether it's from the book of conversations with Primrose. Getting old, memory's going. Well, maybe not, there's only so much RAM upstairs and most of it is taken up with Bach and Walton these days that I'm surprised I put on my shoes right. (And sometimes I don't. I kid you not.)

Anyway, the poem I was looking for, by Ralph Aldrich:

Eat out thy heart, O Cello proud,
And Violin, go don thy shroud.
Pray Saint Cecilia's mercy mild
Forgive thy up and downbows wild,
For she in sacred restitution,
Bless'd VIOLA'S contribution,
Paying IT the compliment
Of genius' favoured instrument.
Mozart, Schubert, Dvorak, Britten,
All for orchestras have written.
Hear, O Man, and earth rejoice. . .
VIOLA played they all - BY CHOICE!

I bought a trashcan yesterday. And when I got the receipt, I put it in... and realized that it would stay there.

I dunno, I found it funny.

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Amanda said...

hahaha cute!