Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter Break and the Innovation Friday Bonus Edition

Hey guys, this may be the last day of the year when I can get to a computer since the campus is closing for the winter break. So... here's a bonus pictorial Innovation Friday for your consumption... and symphathetic tolerance.

Innovation Friday: What IF Alchohol Really Was Essential To Music?

What do you mean, IF?

Innovation Friday: What IF Musicians Really Are Just Full of Hot Air?

What, haven't you met a brass player?

Innovation Friday: What IF Grain Was One of the Four Musical Food Groups?

Then spelling isn't quite an issue after all.

Innovation Friday: What IF Car Washes Were X-Rated?

What can one say, some things happen auto-matically.

Stop rolling your eyes... and have a happy new year! See you in 2007!


stev said...


have a vera green christmas & new year too :)

Amanda said...

hhahahaha i never noticed the car wash. Now i'm probably going to crash when i drive through that intersection.