Monday, December 04, 2006


It all boils down to it, really. I'll betcha there's this Christmas Elf who spends his off-duty time part-timing at Nature's Global Weather Ordinance Plant (or as they say, GWOP), and when December 1 hit, this Elf just whacks that big red button and bang bop be whop gwop de doo swop, there's snow. Like a freaking ton of it. Which I honestly don't mind too much - it's the wind here that freezes like de crazy. That I could do without.

Tips for snow-bound weather:

1. Put music in your iPod that makes you wanna dance. If you end up actually doing that, it may well make you look like an idiot swirling away in the snow, but you'll be a warmer idiot than those who take the time to stop moving and watch an idiot swirling away in the snow.

2. Always go to the toilet before going out. One of the few but significant disadvantages of not sweating.

3. When you shiver, make it look cool. See no. 1 again.

Another note on timing: I recently had the opportunity to watch Starship Troopers again, and when I meet these young high school musicians, I realize that when this movie was in the theaters, they were too young to watch movies that weren't produced by Disney.

It was also before product placement really made it big, or else Ridsect would have had a bomb of a time.

Anyway, it's a little freaky watching Starship Troopers again - a world that goes to war after a deadly attack killing scores of citizens, calling its enemies "bugs" and getting whacked up by an enemy who is smarter than is seemed, the head of the armed forces resigning, and the new one saying, "to defeat the bug, we must understand the bug." Sounds awfully familiar... hmm.


Amanda said...

Please dont freez. If you need anything just let me know

stev said...


like your sense of humor there

i kinda liked starship troppers for its action slapstick ^^