Sunday, November 26, 2006

You know you were born in the '70s when...

1. You know what this is:

and why they call it a floppy. (Those born in the '90s are going, "a what?")

2. For you, "Nintendo" is synonymous with "the ancient original Playstation", and this time you're going, "Wii what?"

3. You played Duke Nukem and Prince of Persia... in 2D. When you're inebriated enough, you tell of your days with Donkey Kong and Golden Axe. With password books (remember those?) which were an inch thick.

4. Knowing HTML is considered a big achievement. Especially since you once learned BASIC.

5. You remember the day you got your first "SVGA" computer monitor.

6. You miss handwritten letters. And you know what they look like - and feel like - too. At the same time, you have a list of people you haven't kept in touch with, and wish you had the Internet when you were a kid. You miss chessboards too. Because you spent some time moving those chesspieces with those people you wish you kept in touch with.

7. You have an old collection of cassette tapes. The mold will consume them through but you'll never let go of them.

8. You store all your old love letters in an old shoebox. (Which never held a Nike shoe.)

9. The songs you grew up with end up on radio stations with names like, "97.5FM Light and Easy".

10. You watch "The '70s Show" as much for the laughs as for the nostalgia.

11. You await the upcoming Transformers movie even more than younger people look forward to the next Harry Potter. And you're somehow optimistic enough to imagine that it won't bomb on the silver screen the way your other childhood dreams did: Dungeons and Dragons, The Fantastic Four... though I ought to give some credit to Spidey. The last thing for me will be to bring back the Thundercats. Ho!

12. You watched the Smurfs and didn't find it at all unusual that they were all blue... and male. (Well, for the most part.) If you're a girl, you probably also watched "My Little Pony and Friends". If you're a guy, you probably also watched, "V".

13. You played with magnifying glasses when you're young. And most of your earliest memories are sounds and smells.


stev said...

1. Floppies! (esp the 5 1/4" type :P)
havent seen those in ages... still remember when my old 386 system died with the great floods of '92

2. at least i know whats a wii :P (SNES anyone?)

3. Duke Nukem, POP, Golden Axe... ahh fond memories

4. Basic & that turtle program too. hehe

5. SVGA was err... Super!

6. I miss handwritten letters too...

7. I got rid of my moldy tapes tho ;)

8. My box got changed to a reebok box or something

9. Has L&E been around *that* long?!

10. 70s show eh (technically i'm an 80s baby tho ;)

11. Lets hope they dont butcher transformers...

12. Communist smurfs :P

13. I deny all allegations of tortuing insects...

ps. thanks for the link on ur sidebar =)

eg9 said...

No, not tortuing. Torturing is fine with stev tho... just no tortus.

stev said...


wait till you see me do the tango with them long-legged insects :P

ps. die linguistic spelling grammar bich :P