Monday, October 16, 2006

Yo Bubba, Pray Tell: Ramtha... and Morning Glory Zell

Things here have been hectic as heck. Those who've sent me emails and notes on Friendster - thanks guys but it'll be at least another week 'till I really get any chance to reply properly. I'm trying to cram up things for my mid-term paper as well as packing in some work hours so that I can have a much needed - and, dare I say, somewhat deserved? - free time in Chicago with Jing, and the return of my prodigal violin aka "sinful ways", so said William Primrose.

By the way, I discovered while filing scores in the library, to my utter disdain, that the alto clef is used occasionally for an instrument other than the viola - an orchestra's first trombone.

A couple of days ago it suddenly snowed - well, what do they call it? "Flurries" - together with a sudden drop of some 20 degrees, and wind like you've never seen nature fart at you. I must have looked pretty darn pathetic, coz that day a total stranger insisted on giving me his spare cap (which I prefer to call my new adopted head muffler) and a friend took me out to get a real winter jacket, at a place which he knew had good prices. Coolness. Or, warmness, rather.

Things on campus have been... in the words of the ancient Chinese, "we live in interesting times". Well, that's a blatant bad paraphrase - the original was actually a curse - "may you live in interesting times." Let's just say this - a professor who had a heart attack in his office is only one of two particularly significant events. And leave it at that.

I've been reminded by a smiling Fate of Technology that Apples are the very VERY best. Apples are supreme. MacMacMacMacMacMacMACMACMAC!!! I know this, because in my utter wiped-out and redundancy acceptable exhaustion, I missed one pants pocket before putting my laundry in the washer and dryer. In that pocket was a cloth of cleaning my glasses.

And my iPod Shuffle. The one given to me as a good-bye present from a Thai student.

And it was on.

And it still is! Working that is, though the earphones said bye-bye, not only does the iPod still work - it isn't even scratched. How about that. Macs reighn, and yes, there goes my spelling. The German in me is awakened. Wunderbar! (Which sounds remarkably like "Wonderbra", come to think of it. Crap, I just had a mental image of Angela Merkel.)

The one day I had a moment to take a breather, I watched a so-called documentary relating to physics. Something called, What the Bleep Do We Know?. Apparently the answer to that is, "Urm, not much", or at least that should be the answer of the idiot filmmakers. It was one of those shows so amazingly bad, that we had no choice but to find out how it ended. It was a gruelling process, because outside of the bad science (which ranged from saying that 90% of our bodies are made of water, to, I'm informed, misrepresentations of quantum physics) to cartoons of peptides whacking each other with bats and running up skirts. It's so bad that if you Google "quantum physics" you won't get a reference to it, but you'll get it if you type it incorrectly as "quantom physics". Anyway, it was worth the ordeal - to watch the credits roll by and see the names and what one might call "postroductions" of the "scientists" referenced. There were a couple of genuine docs who must have been paid a ton of cash to be associated to such rubbish, but the real bwahaha was that among the others was a chiropractor who claimed to be an expert in some 5. 6 fields including neuroscience, and (here's the big one), "Ramtha, of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment". Who is Ramtha? Apparently not the lady filmed, but rather an "ancient warrior, conqueror, and ascended Master who lived 35,000 years ago" channeled through the person on your TV, whose name is actually JZ Knight.

You know, these are the kind of people who are really the bad apples of liberalism:

"Ramtha's choice to channel his message through a woman rather than using his own physical body is making the statement that God and the divine are not the prerogative of men alone and that women have always been worthy expressions of the divine, capable of genius and of being God realized."

Using a genuine facet of feminism to proclaim oneself the leader of a movement of "enlightenment", is an insult to anyone with basic intelligence, let alone "ancient wisdom".

Then I had another couple of pages of Opposing Viewpoints's Sex and came across this statement in support of "polyamory" (basically, polygamy):

"Many other species in the animal kingdom are poly, including human's close cousin, the bonobo chimpanzees." - Valerie White.

Now I know why so many countries elect the goverments they do. It's also no wonder that White said that "polyamory" has this etymology:

"The word polyamorous was coined by Morning Glory Zell in 1990 and is a hybrid of a Greek root meaning 'many' and a Latin root meaning, 'love.' Zell said she could have been consistently Latin or Greek and called it omniamory or polyphilia, but they sounded like dieseases."

Thank goodness we still have Macs to keep the spirit of liberalism alive. 'Coz once again, I'm going, duuuuuuuh.

Views expressed are the subjective opinion of the writer. If you disagree with his point of view, why the heck are you taking all this time reading the fine print?


stev said...

Macs rule > All

Wunderbars... mmm...


* written on a win xp system obviously

Amanda said...

I have to admit, you did look pathetic the day it snowed...We'll have some more when you get back from Chicago (yes i am mean)..
You just gotta love Indiana and all its crazy dramas ;o) hehehe
Have fun in Chicago!