Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oldest Writing Provides Surprising Foresight

Scientists say that the as yet known oldest form of writing in the Americas has been discovered in Mexico. Unlike, say, a discovery of a new set of hieroglyphics, this writing is unique and as yet undeciphered. This of course, allows every Tan, Mat, and Muthu to come up with ideas of his own in regards to new (or old) semantics. And since I am both all and neither Tan, Mat or Muthu, I of course will have my two cents worth, which is now, I argue, 3.6 times more valuable than a couple of months ago.

The New York Times selected for its front page the following four symbols from the stone:

And after discussion with someone from work, the answers are: cassette tape (or the back of a pair of jeans), badly-retaped torn envelope, floppy disc (or Discman cover), and the cancel button on your keyboard.

Who ever said science had to be tough?


stev said...


and i was going to guess it was
1. take box home
2. open plastic shrink wrap
3. insert disc

AF said...

Waaaa... I want a Playstation... I didn't realize how much emptier my life is without computer games. I wonder if the rest of the ancient script is deciphered, it'll be like a lottery for a Sony Prehistation. But one and get a dino free.

stev said...

"But one and get a dino free."

well. life at times if one has times can be filled by games. and we do learn some interesting things from games, despite the public personal demonized appearance (re: sex, drugs & violence)

i know i have ;)

AF said...

What do you mean, "despite"?

Heh heh...

What's KEK though? Reminds me of kek lapis... or kek wa a.k.a chryssenthahoweveryaspellit tea.