Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two lousy jokes



But first, a preamble.

Things have been rumbling along pretty quickly, and I've just realized the number of people I've said bye to already. Yes, I've already been living abroad for the past two years, but there's a sense of - I wouldn't say finality, but certainly something more significant about moving to the States. And quite frankly, I have no idea when I'll be back again.

Got my haircut done last week, and my dental done today. I always have interesting times with barbers and dentists, for some reason, I mean other than the fact that barbers and dentists are fairly interesting people to begin with. An occupational hazard of having ones hands in hair or molars, I don't know.

So I had a couple of extra cavities, damn. Though even sadder is that I'm actually more concerned in that they're something like RM45 a pop. This dentist I went to was quite a cool lady (she either actually knew or realiably faked that she knew what a viola was, so I trusted that I was in good hands.) Somehow when doing the cavity thing, which brings the rather scary concept of a drill in your mouth, the dentist stuffed these cotton buds all the way back up, in a way that ensures you can't close your mouth. T'was a bit freaky. Then halfway through she said,


And I went, "What?" Or at least mentally so, since, you understand, tis difficult to pronounce words clearly when you can't close your gap.

Speaking of which, it's also quite difficult to, well, suck on anything. When the assistant then sent this vaccuum tube into my mouth, ah, well, that made a lot more sense.

Also, went up Penang Hill with the gals from Singapore who came for the concert last Saturday. And I re-evaluated what irony is - which I always thought had something to do with a lost opportunity, or at least something which would generally make you say, "Haiyo." Up Penang Hill there's this little touristy thing, take a picture on this mat and they'll fiddle around with the photo so it looks like you're flying on a magic carpet over Penang. You, know, like Aladdin, that sort of magic carpet. So with old Al and Jasmine in mind, I found this scene a little interesting...

...considering that they're, well, Arabs.

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