Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sound Bites

There's a lot of new day-to-day stuff going on, though the real action won't start 'till next week when the classes begin, and I get to meet all the of the other music students and perhaps join a club or two. Plus, starting work in the choral and instrumental library, which I am told is dubbed "The Scary Room". For now, I have here sound bites of some of the new things I've seen here and there...

Buses that go by a schedule.
Really fat people.
A more open sound on the viola in this dryer air.
Meals which are twice the size of anything you're likely to eat back home.
An online Naxos music library.
Young single mothers.
A washer and dryer in my basement - and yeah, a basement.
Shoes in the house.
24-hour practice rooms.
The weather is a cyclist's dream - gotta get me a bike.
Computers everywhere on campus.
Tunnels from building to building for the winter.
Cement mixers (which I'm told should technically be "concrete mixers") with the container facing the other way - so it looks like it's going super fast in reverse.
If you work here, Starbucks is like your kopitiam.
A University Code that, among other things, provides the right to students to "assemble, speak, write, publish or invite speakers on any subject without university interferance or fear of university disciplinary action."
The necessity to tell people not to bring guns on campus.
Violins, trumptets, clarinets and flutes on sale in boxes at your supermarket.
External hard drives too.
Seagulls (but not at the supermarket).

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