Friday, August 04, 2006

Me And Der W

Wow, that went by fast. 5 months ago the idea for this recital came up and now it's here. And 7 months ago I found out I was going to the States probably, and well, it's nine days away. And I just picked up an interest in Egyptology! But I think changing directions from journalism to linguistics to music is quite enough of wandering around. Plus the sand might get in my pants, and that sucks big time. I've leave my meanderings to this little bloggie.

I was a bit surprised when the insurance guy showed up - my dad had decided to get me some travel insurance, which is cool considering the number of (original!) music scores I'll be carrying around.

So apparently my tush is insured against terrorism, baby yeah. How's that for a pick-up line. Better stick to the leaving on a jetplane crap.

I dunno whether it was because I was sounding damn raspy at that time with the occasional hacking cough but the insurance guy made it a point to let me know that bio-chemical, however, is not quite covered.

So bombing my tush would essentially be more advantegous to me financially than, say, spraying it with anthrax.

At this point every other ethnic Chinese (which is well, technically 3/4 of me) is going, "choi! touch wood."

I suppose it at least makes it easier not to have these fakers claiming terrorism for a rash on their bottom. Then you'd have to have another ten lines in the guidelines clarifying that rump pimples does not count as bio-chemical terrorism.

Then I asked the insurance guy, like so, if I get highjacked I get paid per hour, but if the terrorists allow the luggage to escape, do I forfeit the delayed luggage bit since I'm technically delayed from meeting it through no fault of my own?

At this point every other ethnic Chinese (or, as mentioned, 3/4 of me) is going, "aha! good point."

And it's lucky that the insurance guy and the ethnic Chinese readers of this blog have a good sense of humor.

Or else someone might, you know, bomb my tush.

Or worse, give it a rash.

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