Friday, July 14, 2006

27 Thoughts... I turn 27. Bear with me yeah...

1. The stuff of life is transient. Well, mostly. It takes a while to realize that it's not entirely a bad thing that it is that way, but still, hold tight to that which stays.

2. Friendship makes the world go round. Just because it's corny doesn't mean that Miss Universe contestants have first dibs on it.

3. When stressed, taking deep breaths actually works.

4. Beer helps too!

5. Dried bitterghauhght tastes better than it sounds, and is harder to spell too. This line is a perfect example. It can occasionally taste too bitter, but it never seems to have enough of the classy letter h.

6. Don't go down a road which has no end. Have the courage to trod a new path against unknowns. Contradictions, at times, are beautiful.

7. The real message of a policeman who stops you just to get a bribe is, "You scratch my back, I scratch my back." Itchy people, huh.

8. "Close One Eye" is the joint motif of the MP from Jasin... as well as Walt Disney's Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, which was translated as "Harta Lelaki Mati". Which is lucky enough - it could have been "Dada Lelaki Mati".

9. Rap and hip-hop people... have more in common with minimalistic classical contemporary music than they'd like to admit... assuming they have an inkling to what that is in the first place. Uh-oh, arty-farty.

10. It's suprising how many things - like language - are almost completely arbitrary in construction... and how many things - like rain - may have a musical, sense-contained structure to it.

11. If you don't like liver, it could just be the way it's cooked.

12. If you don't like classical music, it could just be the way you're cooked. :O

13. The hardest thing to do is to allow friends make their own mistakes.

14. The hardest thing to take is understanding why some people can't resist the temptation to attempt to stop you from making your own mistakes.

15. Choose food which supports your personal identity.

...and in my case, let's hope it's a flaky mind rather than salmonella poisoning.

16. If you're not willing to lose your job upholding the principles that underlie your job, then either you've got a crap job, or you should be fired.

17. Allow for redemption. Allow time to have the upper hand over your memory. Because in the end no one can change that we will all have little of both, and only the esteem of others to keep us afloat.

18. Procrastination is one of my weakest faults. Luckily, I'm not Swiss. As a bonus, I'm a Malaysian. We have our own time, which is anywhere from + 10 min to 1 hour. Besnya!

19. Beauty is skin deep, but almost everybody wants it anyway.

20. Watch one's heroes. Without blinkers. They're human too.

21. Speaking in the third person has an awful preachy tone, unless you overdo the use of the word "One". Very the Matrix.

22. Life is short. Violas are for ever.

23. Smoking is one of the stupidest things one can do. Don't think smokers don't know that.

24. Never forget the value of books, real conversations, and hand-written letters.

25. Be wary of any event that places one or three winners at the cost of making everyone else losers.

26. There are far fewer failures in communism than in communists.

27. Be watchful of those who promote extra security purely to appease their own insecurity.

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